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Laser-Powered Robot Insect Achieves Lift-Off

Everything is better with lasers, especially tiny robot insects. For robots of all sizes, power is a fundamental problem. Any robot that moves is constrained in one way or another by power supply, whether it’s relying on carrying around heavy batteries, combustion engines, fuel cells, or anything else. It’s particularly tricky to manage power as

HaptX Promises to Make Your Virtual Hands Feel Like Real Ones

The holy grail of VR is immersion: to truly feel like you”re in a virtual world. While most modern VR headsets do a pretty good job of this, the experience isn”t perfect. One problem standing in the way of true immersion are the controllers. They”re OK for basic tasks like picking up objects, but they

UPV/EHU University Develops the First Nanometrically-Sized Superelastic Alloy

UPV/EHU researchers have explored superelasticity properties on a nanometric scale based on shearing an alloy”s pillars down to nanometric size. In the article published by the prestigious scientific journal Nature Nanotechnology, the researchers have found that below one micron in diameter the material behaves differently and requires much higher stress for it to be deformed.