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Step Towards Light-Based, Brain-Like Computing Chip

Scientists have succeeded in developing a piece of hardware which could pave the way for creating computers resembling the human brain. They produced a chip containing a network of artificial neurons that works with light and can imitate neurons and their synapses. This network is able to ”learn” information and use this as a basis

The Rapid Rise of Neural Networks for Defense: A Cautionary Tale

No Longer in the Realm of Science Fiction, Artificial Intelligence Is Becoming Ubiquitous In The Civilian World As Well As the Military. But Are We Moving Too Quickly With a Technology We Still Don’t Fully Understand? Fueled by rapid increases in computer storage capacity and processing power (principally through the use of graphical processing units)

Fingerprint and Face Scanners Aren’t as Secure as We Think They Are

Despite what every spy movie in the past 30 years would have you think, fingerprint and face scanners used to unlock your smartphone or other devices aren’t nearly as secure as they’re made out to be. While it’s not great if your password is made public in a data breach, at least you can easily