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How Can Cyber Contribute to Multi-Domain Battle?

The military is beginning to organize around a principle of multi-domain battle — the notion that effects, planning and operations will converge seamlessly among the five domains of warfare: land, sea, air, space and cyber. Rather than thinking about war from a domain-centric perspective, future battles will be fought with a combination of effects. The

Informed Terminology for Non-Lethal Targeting

Words have meaning and perceptions drive behaviors. Information Operations (IO) has a unique challenge in the contemporary informational environment supporting the Commander’s intent through cultural and social sensitivities of partners, allies, and citizens. The deployment experiences of the 110th IO FSB over the past decade, in support of both Federal and Domestic missions, have proven

America”s Next Secret Weapon (That Can Paralyze a City): Electromagnetic Pulse Artillery Shells

If the U.S. Army has its way, America’s next secret weapon may be an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) artillery shell that paralyzes an enemy city. These special shells won’t carry high explosive. Instead they will emit EMP bursts, or some other non-kinetic technology, to disrupt the computers, radio communications, Internet links and other ties that bind