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NRL-Developed Topcoat Applied on Entire Freeboard of Navy Ship

Recently, a novel coating developed by researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) for the exterior topsides of Navy surface ships went beyond small area testing to covering the entire freeboard of an amphibious assault ship. Until April of 2017, NRL’s single-component (1K) polysiloxane coating had only been tested on 400-800 sq.ft. areas of

Two-Component Siloxane-Based Coatings Containing Polymers

The present disclosure is generally related to two-component siloxane-based coatings. Polyurethane topcoats are the current technology used to provide protective camouflage, exterior color stability to UV/sunlight, chemical agent resistance, hydrocarbon and chemical resistance, flexibility, first line corrosion resistance, and a host of other properties for a variety of military assets. The majority of polyurethane topcoats