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DARPA Solicitation: CRANE – Control of Revolutionary Aircraft With Novel Effectors

Military Researchers Consider New Active Flow Control to Eliminate Control Surfaces on Military Aircraft Active flow control has no moving parts, adds energy or momentum to air flow in a regulated manner, and can be turned on or off as necessary. Arlington, VA – U.S. military researchers are trying to push the bounds of future

DARPA Solicitation: FOcal arrays for Curved Infrared Imagers (FOCII)

DARPA Eyes Curved High-Performance Infrared Focal Plane Array Sensors for Military and Aerospace Uses The FOCII project seeks to curve large- and small-format, cryogenically cooled, medium-wave and long-wave infrared imagers with extreme radii of curvature. Arlington, VA – U.S. military researchers are asking industry to develop curved, large-format, cryogenically cooled, infrared focal plane array electro-optical

DARPA RFP – Reconfigurable Undersea Communications Networks to Link Underwater Vessels, Ships and Aircraft

TIMEly to develop a heterogeneous maritime communications architecture, to control rapidly reconfigurable military forces under, on, and over the ocean. U.S. military researchers are working with industry to develop real-time command-and-control communications networks that function above, on, and under the ocean using the latest in undersea communications and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). Officials of the