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Parachute Validation: An Unlikely New Step On the Road to Drone Delivery

Here”s a scenario for you: It”s ten years in the future and you”re walking down the street when a delivery drone malfunctions while toting a five-pound package. The high-pitched whine overhead changes octaves, you look up, and it”s clear this hurdling projectile is going down. Unfortunately, it”s a scenario that”s bound to play out. As

FAA Moves Ahead on Commercial Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration has signed off on two approvals for key commercial unmanned aircraft projects. On June 5, the agency granted a “special airworthy certificate” to Amazon for its Prime Air drone-based package delivery service, an FAA spokesperson said in a statement emailed to FCW. The certificate allows Amazon to “operate its MK27 unmanned

IRS Seeks AI-Based Threat Detection

The IRS wants an artificial intelligence analytics platform that can help it proactively identify and mitigate cyber-related and insider threats on its systems. According to a June 27 request for information from the IRS cybersecurity division, the tax agency is looking for private industry examples of a cloud-based AI platform, machine learning analytics and a