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USPS RFI – Wanted: Autonomous Vehicle Tech for Mail Delivery

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will deter autonomous vehicles from helping letter carriers swiftly complete their rounds — at least that”s what the U.S. Postal Service is hoping. In a Feb. 22 request for information, USPS said it wants technologies that will allow AVs to drive along a mail route

TARDEC Pursues Advanced Power Generation

In the middle of a desert or other remote military zone, advanced power generation can keep the U.S. Army’s ground vehicles and combat support equipment ready for the demands of duty. “Our power generation advancements are impressive in terms of the capabilities these technologies enable. The most exciting ground vehicle advancements, including driver-optional capabilities, are

Startup Makes Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Breakthroughs in Object Recognition, Imagery Analytics

ZAC – “We are developing a revolutionary technology leap in Artificial Intelligence, analytics, recognition, and search, based on General AI.” The recognition of objects is one of the main goals for computer vision research. 3-D object recognition has many industrial applications and applications in our daily lives. Some of the applications include: the automation on