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Air Force Academy Cadet Creates Goo That Stops Bullets

A gooey substance normally wouldn’t seem like it could stop a bullet, but an Air Force Academy cadet has created just that. Cadet 1st Class Hayley Weir’s interest in bullet-stopping materials was piqued when she took a chemistry class at the academy in 2014. The class was given three materials to combine in a way

Army Designs Small-Unit Sustainment System that Deploys Rapidly for Soldiers

Soldiers on the move in small units need a shelter they can set up quickly, use as an operations center and still get a good night’s sleep, Army researchers say. A project is underway to give soldiers a solution, one that infantry soldiers have already put to the test. The Small Unit Sustainment System is

NASA CHIEFS Lightweight, Flexible Material Resists Heat, Fire and Hot Gasses

CHIEFS (Convective Heating Improvement for Emergency Fire Shelters) is being developed by NASA’s Langley Research Center to potentially improve the performance of emergency fire shelters for wildland firefighters. A fire shelter is a last-resort safety measure that may protect firefighters entrapped by wildfire that has compromised their escape route. The current shelter design, resembling a