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What Is Industry 4.0, Anyway?

The four industrial revolutions: (1) Mechanization through water and steam power. (2) Mass production and assembly lines powered by electricity. (3) Computerization and automation. (4) Smart factories and cyber-physical systems. If you’ve been to a trade show or read an op-ed on manufacturing in the past few years, chances are you’ve seen the terms ‘Industry

Cobots: the Rise of the Collaborative Robot (Cobot) – What You Need to Know

As we move to the realization of more Industry 4.0 implementations as part of an ongoing industrial transformation journey, the use of collaborative robots (cobots), which are designed to work alongside people in, among others manufacturing , warehousing, logistics and healthcare, is expected to grow at astonishing rates in the next few years.​ The idea

Attacking Unplanned Downtime Through Predictive Maintenance

A new Industrial Internet Consortium testbed aims to tackle the inefficiency of scheduled preventative maintenance. With the real-time data flow of IIoT-enabled machines and components, predictive maintenance has the potential to make preventative maintenance obsolete. The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) was founded by AT&T, Cisco, General Electric, IBM and Intel in 2014. The IIC is