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Military Camouflage Technology: Countering Thermal Imaging

Recent research in U.S. military camouflage technology has been looking at how to avoid detection from high-end thermal imaging – described as an emerging threat to the United States. What are the latest camouflage systems that the United States and Russia are developing and how can they help soldiers to avoid detection? Military camouflage technology

Reykjavik University Achieves Holy Grail of Airborne Technology-Drone That Looks and Flies Like a Bird

Drones are all the rage these days, but the technology still has its limitations. Drones can be noisy and easily spotted, which makes them difficult to use for surveillance. Icelandic startup Flygildi thinks it has unlocked the “holy grail” of drone technology: its drone looks and flies like a bird. The artificial intelligence-powered drone could

China Reveals Prototype Configuration of Jam Resistant and Counter-Stealth ”Quantum Radar”

The Chinese will still need to overcome major hurdles in order to get the system out of the laboratory and onto the battlefield. China claims to have revealed a prototype of an advanced quantum radar that is resistant to jamming and may be able to detect stealth aircraft. The system”s operation is rooted in proven