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MIT’s Artificial Intelligence System Can Detect People, Postures and Movements Through Walls

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven system can accurately locate, determine posture of and track multiple individuals even in the dark and through walls. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers demonstrated that the system could accurately “identify” somebody 83{d2304f17c1c5781bd42c49d7ef2597c7dacafd93ead076f1d04eacb3fdc44546} of the time out of a line-up of 100 individuals. Potential application for medical monitoring, search and rescue, and

Seeing Through Walls of Unknown Materials

Researchers at Duke University have devised a way to see through walls using a narrow band of microwave frequencies without any advance knowledge of what the walls are made out of. Besides having obvious applications in the realm of security, the approach could lead to inexpensive devices to help construction workers easily locate conduits, pipes