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Utah to Roll Out Connected Vehicle Data Platform

The Utah Department of Transportation is building a transportation data network using information from the emerging vehicle-to-everything, or V2X, environment. UDOT’s traffic operations center can use the data to improve roadway safety and mobility, while state policymakers can apply it to infrastructure decisions. UDOT is partnering with Panasonic on the smart roadway network. Announced June

Cities Jump on Dockless Scooter Data for Curbside Insights

A new kind of data-driven public/private partnership is emerging as the number of dockless vehicles in cities grows. Both government entities and “urban mobility solution providers” — think app-based rental scooters from Uber, Lime and Bird — stand to benefit by sharing information such as vehicle use, curb regulations and traffic statistics. Cities regulate curbs,

What”s Next for V2X Spectrum?

As the partial government shutdown began in late December, the Department of Transportation published a request for comments on how DOT should approach vehicle-to-everything communications. V2X refers to a suite of technologies that could enable everything from hazard warnings to drivers and pedestrians to high-speed automated road trains. That’s significant enough. But DOT’s second question