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Directorate Wants to Change View of Nonlethal Weapons

Modern warfare is often characterized by heavy firepower such as guns, tanks, and attack aircraft. But as the United States faces operations in the “gray zone” — actions that remain below the level of conventional armed conflict — there is an increasing need for nonlethal options. In charge of the Pentagon’s effort to develop such

Thwarting Mobile Underwater Threats

Underwater vessels and divers pose an increasing threat for operators of ports and ships carrying sensitive cargoes; cruise ships, fuel/chemical tankers and warships. Maritime Arresting Technologies (MAT) was approached by the U.S. Navy to devise a non-lethal countermeasure that could be deployed once an underwater threat was detected. The initial brief envisaged a detection range

NAVY Solicits Interest for High-Power Microwave (HPM) Vessel Stopping Prototype

The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) is interested in innovative HPM Source technologies and novel antenna concepts that could potentially enhance the ability to interdict and stop a broad spectrum of maritime vessels through less than lethal means. The primary focus of this Request for Information is High Power Microwave (HPM) Vessel Stopping