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Army Tests Multi-Function AR Goggles

With a year under its belt and a full staff, the Army Futures Command showed off some of its most promising projects. The Synthetic Training Environment cross-functional team has developed an all-in-one heads-up display for the tactical environment. The Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) looks like a pair of heavy-duty goggles, but it is a

Real Guns, Non-Lethal Rounds at Tampa Gunfights

At a new facility in Hernando County the bullets aren”t exactly live rounds, but your targets are. Tampa Gunfights says it”s teaching real-world tactical response techniques by using guns and ammo that have been modified for safety. Their A-R 15”s, Glocks and AK-47”s can only fire special non-lethal rounds. The “bullets” look like a mix