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Superhero-Like Technology Lets Law Officers Wrap up Suspect

A second local police department is considering buying new technology designed for officers to use when a suspect needs to be stopped but is not armed. It acts like a device typically used by fictional superheroes. Representatives of Wrap Technologies demonstrated the BolaWrap on Friday to more than a half-dozen central Ohio law-enforcement agencies at

WPD Unveils New Non-Lethal Tool to Stop Criminals

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Wilmington police have a new non-lethal tool to stop criminals in their tracks called the BolaWrap. The handheld device discharges an 8-ft Kevlar cord which wraps around the subject’s body, anchors to their clothing, and prevents them from advancing toward police or running away. The BolaWrap offers a pain-free solution for

Police Test “Spider-Man” Device as Alternative to Taser

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – With 49 people killed last year after being shocked by Tasers, police departments across the United States are trying out a “Spider-Man”-like device that fires a tether that entangles and restrains the suspect. Called Bolawrap, the device fires an 8-ft (2.4-m) bola-style tether at a suspect to entangle his legs and