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The Army’s New Rifle Will Fire Bullets at a “Pressure Equivalent to What a Tank Would Fire”

The system will adjust and potentially only fire when the muzzle will line up with its target. It will take into account atmospheric conditions, even automatically center the weapon using an internal system. We’re looking to get these capabilities ready as soon as possible.” The Army claims its new assault rifle will unleash a hailstorm

The Army’s Powerful New 7.62mm Service Rifle Is Officially Dead

The Army has officially canceled its search for an off-the-shelf 7.62mm Interim Combat Service Rifle (ICSR) meant to replace the standard-issue M4 carbine — a major setback in the branch’s search for a new infantry rifle to augment soldier lethality. Army Contracting Command announced the cancellation of the ICSR program on Nov. 28, citing a