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Army Kills Contract for XM-25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System

U.S. Army”s senior leadership has ended an agreement with Orbital ATK Inc. that spanned two decades over the XM25 25mm airburst weapon, a move that could put the troubled weapon system”s future into jeopardy. The service”s XM25 Counter-Defilade Target Engagement System is a semi-automatic, shoulder-fired weapon that fires 25mm high-explosive, air-bursting ammunition. Nicknamed “the Punisher”

Army Defends XM25 “Punisher” Counter Defilade Engagement System

Army weapons officials are planning a late-September response to Pentagon investigators” recent criticisms of the XM25 as the service wrestles with how this high-tech but heavy 25mm airburst weapon will fit into combat formations. In late August, the Pentagon”s Inspector General released a scathing audit of the XM25 program, criticizing the service for repeatedly delaying

Biggest Change For Infantry Since WWII: XM25

WASHINGTON: Buried in a bleak Army budget is a bright nugget of revolution: a precision-guided grenade launcher called the XM25. In difficult development for over a decade, the XM25 will finally enter limited production in 2017. It will be the first radically new small arms technology since 1943. “This has the potential to be a