DSIAC State-of-the-Art Report (SOAR)

Type of Content
Publication Date: 
4 December 2018
Report Date: 
November, 2018
Albert DeFusco
Jamie Neidert
An extensive summary of contemporary research and development into MS rocket motor propellants is provided, with emphasis on achieving IM compliance. MS propellants have existed since the late 1800s and continue to progressively improve. Developing...
Publication Date: 
6 November 2018
Unmanned Aerial Systems for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
Report Date: 
May, 2018
Matthew Harbaugh
This report summarizes information about various unmanned aerial systems (UAS) platforms currently used for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR). The applicability of various UAS platforms and sensor payloads for specific types of...
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Publication Date: 
14 August 2018
How can neuromorphic computing be applicable to UAS navigation and sensing? Fully addressing the scope of this inquiry request extends beyond a standard technical...
How efficient is Dahlgren Decon/Decon Green as a decontaminate against chemical, biological, and radioactive particles and how does it compare to DF200? DSIAC was asked...
How can we obtain detailed aircraft specifications? DSIAC was asked to identify sources for various specifications (including dry-weight, max velocity, range, etc.) of...
HME Soar Cover
Report Date: 
December, 2016
William Bagley
This State of the Art Report is an attempt to summarize current and available information to inform and assist energetic researchers in the selection of commercially available personal protective equipment, along with the design and construction...