DSIAC Technical Inquiry (TI)

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Publication Date: 
4 December 2018
Publication Date: 
20 November 2018
What research is available on the non-destructive evaluation, inspection, and manufacturing techniques of aerospace composites? DSIAC was to research a variety of topics...
How can an existing infrared marker/crayon technology and production facilities be improved for manufacturability? DSIAC was asked to assess IR marker/crayon technology...
Publication Date: 
6 November 2018
What COTs/GOTs "light helicopters" are transportable in a C-17III and can be quickly equipped for military operations? DSIAC was tasked with compiling a list of light...
Publication Date: 
23 October 2018
What miniaturized cryptographic devices are available for transponder and radio applications in small UAVs? DSIAC was asked to find small size, weight, and power (SWaP)...
Publication Date: 
9 October 2018
What are the capabilities of a satellite network & the operator running it? Stemming from the recent satellite launching upon a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, DSIAC was...