electro-optical (EO) sensors

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What autonomous or remotely-operated systems can be used for monitoring and cleaning foreign object debris from a runway? DSIAC staff and subject matter experts (SMEs)...
Unmanned Aerial Systems for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
Report Date: 
May 2018
Matthew Harbaugh
This report summarizes information about various unmanned aerial systems (UAS) platforms currently used for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR). The applicability of various UAS platforms and sensor payloads for specific types of...
Would a metal having a negative coefficient of thermal expansion be of interest for athermalizing infrared optics? DSIAC was given information on ALLVAR Alloy 16, a...
Who can provide/produce electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) payloads for small tactical unmanned aerial systems (STUAS)? DSIAC was supplied with a list of key performance...
Qualifying Additive Manufacturing Parts SOAR
Report Date: 
December 2017
Michael Mazurek
Russell Austin
Doyle Motes III
This report is a summary of the state of the art for additive manufacturing (AM) certification. Because the development of AM certification is ongoing across multiple domains and disciplines, and due to the limits of this report, some areas may not...
What metrics are used to measure electro-optics sensor performance or image loss due to image compression artifacts? DSIAC staff were requested to research and compile a...