ultrasonic sensors

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What technologies and methodologies are available to remotely map a room? DSIAC was asked for sensor technologies and methodologies for obstacle and room mapping. DSIAC...
Qualifying Additive Manufacturing Parts SOAR
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December 2017
Michael Mazurek
Russell Austin
Doyle Motes III
This report is a summary of the state of the art for additive manufacturing (AM) certification. Because the development of AM certification is ongoing across multiple domains and disciplines, and due to the limits of this report, some areas may not...
What compact drone systems are readily-available with advanced navigation and video capture capabilities? DSIAC staff searched open sources for commercial off-the-shelf...
DSIAC staff recently took a look at the capabilities of two newly released advanced consumer drones, the Karma, developed by GoPro, Inc., and the Mavic Pro, developed by SZ Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co.,...
Figure 1 (illustrated above):  Repeating Crystalline Polymer Chains with Strong and Weak Interchain Bonds.
Introduction Composite materials, especially those that exhibit high strength-to-weight ratios and thermal stability, continue to be of increased interest to the Defense industry...