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Army researchers employ various sensor platforms via air and ground-vehicle equipped with high-definition electro-optical cameras, long-wave infrared and a GPS inertial navigation system. (U.S. Army)

Thermal Imaging of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAVs)

What infrared (IR) imagery sets of threat small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAVs) are available for testing models in development?

Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) Technologies Using Nonkinetic Electromagnetics

What Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) technologies exist or are being developed with the capability to defeat drone swarms with nonkinetic electromagnetics?

Long-Lasting Antimicrobial and Antiviral Surface Coatings

What antiviral surface coatings are commercially available that last weeks/months instead of hours/days?

COVID-19 Test Kits Reagents and Formulae

What are the reagents types and formulae used in COVID-19 test kits, sources of the reagents, and other processes using those reagents?

Options for Using Metamaterials for Unidirectional Transmission of EM Radiation Within Radar Wavelengths

Can metamaterials (charged/active or otherwise) be used to shield a friendly radar from electronic attack while simultaneously allowing that radar to continue to operate in that same band?

Infrared Imagery Datasets

What infrared imagery datasets and databases are available for use in programs for the Department of Defense?

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