Using Short-Wavelength Ultraviolet (UV-C) as a COVID-19 Decontamination Solution


Posted on April 2, 2020 | Completed on April 1, 2020 | By: Scott E. Armistead

Can short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) lighting be used for antimicrobial decontamination of surfaces to mitigate the spread of COVID-19?

The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) reached out to subject matter experts working in the federal government and received information on efforts to study UV-C lighting as a possible antimicrobial solution for decontaminating aircraft cabin areas and laboratories. The acquired information included a white paper assessing the viability of far-UV and ultraviolet germicidal irradiation using the UV-C spectrum as an effective, alternate cleansing way to eliminate COVID-19. We also compiled additional information on the effort, most-effective UV spectrum, commercial off-the-shelf light solutions, and an estimate of available lights.

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