Technical Inquiries

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The DoD community continues to be driven by the persistent challenge of doing more with less by embracing opportunities to improve efficiency and life cycle costs. The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) is a gateway to seize upon untapped synergetic opportunities that lie within the Defense Systems community. The DSIAC efficiently accesses the enormous repository of important DoD scientific and technical information (STI) that has been generated over the past half century and makes it available on demand to the DoD and supporting Defense Systems industrial and research community. The DSIAC provides access to this knowledge and information network via a consortium of scientists, engineers and information specialists that are available to answer technical questions and perform specialized analyses. 

Free Technical Inquiry Services

The core function of the DSIAC is to answer technical questions using our in-house knowledge management experts, technical personnel, vast DoD information resources, and our extensive network of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The DSIAC SME network includes experienced engineers and scientists, retired senior military leaders, leading academic researchers, and industry experts who are readily available to help prepare timely and authoritative answers to complex technical inquiries. The DSIAC’s free technical inquiry research service is limited to four research hours per inquiry, and requesters must meet the eligibility and need-to-know requirements for access to export controlled technical information, DoD technical information, and classified information, where applicable.

Technical inquiries can be submitted to DSIAC via our website (user must register and log on to, or by email, phone or fax. Once submitted, the inquiry is forwarded directly to a research analyst who either responds to the inquiry or identifies the SME(s) best suited to answer the question. The DSIAC makes every effort to support fast response, mission critical technical inquiries. Completed responses are compiled and delivered to the requester as expeditiously as possible within 10 business days. 

When appropriate, the DSIAC may provide additional information to clarify or augment technical inquiry responses, including supporting data, analysis results, or other technical information extracted from formal reports and papers. If the level of inquiry research is expected to exceed the DSIAC free 4 hour limit, dialogue with the requestor is initiated to determine if a more extensive, separately funded support is required.

DSIAC Technical Inquiry Process Chart