DSIAC provides authorized distribution and access to government-owned databases on behalf of the controlling government organization. The current databases available are listed below.

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ATR Algorithm Development Image Database

The ATR Database is a large collection of visible and MWIR imagery collected by the U.S. Army NVSED to support the ATR algorithm development community. The ATR (Automated Target Recognition) Algorithm Development Image Database package…

Helicopter Database (HELODAB) System

The definitive source for Vietnam era rotorcraft damage and related information. By subscribing to HELODAB, you can receive access to the rotorcraft damage information contained within this site. PROCESS TO REQUEST ACCESS Note that you…

National Materials Information System (NAMIS) Database

NAMIS is an integrated system providing a variety of technical information to the materials community. By subscribing to NAMIS, you can receive access to the information and technologies contained within this site. SUBSCRIPTION REQUEST PROCESS…