National Materials Information System (NAMIS) Database

Updated: December 1, 2019

NAMIS is an integrated system providing a variety of technical information to the materials community.

By subscribing to NAMIS, you can receive access to the information and technologies contained within this site.


Follow these steps to request an account:

1. If you haven’t already, please create a DSIAC account.

2. Complete the subscription request form.


3. Prepare/collect the following required documentation:

a) Provide a copy of your organizations DD Form 2345. This is required because the database contains export-controlled data.
b) Provide a letter certifying that you are an employee of the company and a citizen of the United States on company letterhead.

*DD Form 2345 with instructions can be found here.

a) Provide a letter stating request for access on official government letterhead.

4. Send the completed subscription request form and required documentation to

5. Once your NAMIS account is approved an inquiry analyst will notify you via email to login to the NAMIS database ( using your login credentials.


• NAMIS requires a 128 SSL browser to access its subscription areas.
• NAMIS requires that you have Adobe Reader, at a minimum, installed on your machine to view the documents in the database.

Please contact the DSIAC if you have any questions: or 443-360-4600.

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