Advanced Materials

Traditional materials and processes for science, engineering, and technologies in the context of defense systems and military applications.

Recent Inquiries

What work is being done to additively manufacture high entropy or refractory alloys?

What work is being done to additively manufacture high entropy or refractory alloys?

Wind Tunnel Models and the Digital Test Environment

What is the current state of research in wind tunnel models, and how do they fit within the digital test environment?

Electromagnetic Shielding of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

How can unmanned aerial vehicles be electromagnetically shielded while maintaining transmitting, receiving, and cooling capabilities?


Slice of X-ray scattering data (background). Machine learning rapidly analyzes how the intensities of a billion 3D pixels in the data vary with temperature (left), grouping pixels with similar temperature variations (right) and ultimately revealing Bragg glass behavior. (Image by Ray Osborn/Argonne National Laboratory.)

Machine-Learning Algorithm Reveals Long-Theorized Glass Phase in Crystal

A dish made of crystal and a dish made of glass might look similar from the outside, but internally, their structures differ significantly. Crystals consist of perfectly ordered, repeating patterns of atoms, while glasses display…

PNNL's new method of monitoring corrosion offers higher resolution and better reliability. (Composite image by Melanie Hess-Robinson | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Understanding Corrosion to Enable Next-Generation Metals

Researchers are using new, experimental techniques like Shear Assisted Processing and Extrusion (ShAPE™) and friction stir welding to produce metal components that are lighter, stronger, and more precise than ever before. But as we enter…

Metal shavings stand vertically atop a rare earth magnet.

DoD Looks to Establish “Mine-to-Magnet” Supply Chain for Rare Earth Materials

The Defense Department has in recent months advanced its goal of developing domestic supply chains to ensure continued access to the rare earth materials needed to manufacture the permanent magnets used in important U.S. military…


MBSE 2.0: A Modern Approach for Constructing System Architecture Models

A core challenge in modern systems engineering is in applying digital engineering (DE) to programs in support of systems engineering activities. Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) focuses on the formal application of models to support the…

AFRL repairs next generation composite materials with light

Manufacturing, Modeling, and Characterizing Thermoplastic Composites for Military Vehicle Applications

This webinar focuses on developing methods for manufacturing structural thermoplastic composite materials, characterizing the mechanical properties of such composites, and modeling the static and dynamic performance in relevant military vehicle modeling and simulation (M&S) environments….

Supporting high-energy lasers for combat

Experimental Protective Coatings for CDEW Applications

Researchers have taken many avenues to mitigate how high-energy laser (HEL) weapons affect platform survivability because of size, weight, performance, and cost factors. Protective coatings offer a cheap, lightweight option for counter directed energy weapons…


Hypersonic Technology & Systems Conference (HTSC)

HTSC’s emphasis is on systems and applied technology. This conference highlights the nation’s investments in systems-integrated hypersonic technologies for both research and development and weapon platform integration for offense and defense. It brings together the…

2023 Space Warfighting Forum

The NDIA Space Division and Rocky Mountain Chapter is pleased to announce the 4th Annual Space Warfighting Forum (SWF). Bringing together leaders from industry, government, and academia, SWF 2023 promises to further the discussion on…

Space and Missile Defense Symposium

The Space and Missile Defense Symposium (SMD) brings together the top government and industry leaders in space and missile defense in one event. Hear directly from senior leaders with leading government and industry organizations, including:…