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Notable Inquiries

Notable TIs are findings and/or summaries of responses to the most recent and impactful technical inquiries submitted by DSIAC members under our 4 free hours of information research support.

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Qualification and Certification of Powder Bed Fusion Additively Manufactured Components

What forms of additive manufacturing have been qualified for military use?

Laser-Cladding Materials

Is there research on laser-cladding materials that does not require heat treatment?

Information on U.S. Army-Managed, Portable Biometrics Data Collection Systems

Can you provide information on U.S. Army-managed, portable biometrics data collection systems?

U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Decoys

What decoys are being developed and/or fielded by the DoD?

Flammability Concerns for Ethylene-Glycol and Water (EGW) Coolant

What data or test data are available on the flammability of EGW coolant?

Technology Overview of Aluminum Titanium Dioxide (Al-TiO2) Metal Matrix Composites

What research is available for Al-TiO2 metal matrix composites (MMCs)?

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