Laser-aided processing of materials at Penn State Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) offers leading-edge advancements in precision highspeed or deep penetration welding operations with low cladding, cutting, drilling, heat treatment, glazing, and free-forming component distortion (source: Penn State, ARL).

Posted on March 6, 2024 | Completed on October 24, 2022 | By: Travis J. Kneen, Doyle T. Motes III, Richard Piner

Is there research on laser-cladding materials that does not require heat treatment?

This inquiry focuses on research on the mechanical properties of different substrate/deposited material laser-cladding combinations, specifically those that do not require a heat treatment, as well as the potential of laser cladding as an alternative to chromium plating. A wide variety of substrate and deposited materials is summarized, although there was a substantial lack of research into the desired Inconel 625 laser cladded onto martensitic stainless steel. However, there are multiple research publications of Inconel variations cladded onto austenitic stainless steels reviewed. There is also a summary of recent research on replacing the problematic chromium plating technique with high-speed laser cladding, which is promising.

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