AFRL Developing Agilepod ‘Family’ to Augment Sensing Grid

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November 20, 2017 | Originally published by Date Line: November 20 on

Building on the recent success of AgilePod ‘1.0,  Air Force Research Laboratory engineers have embarked on a new “mini” AgilePod effort to increase the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of the platform by decreasing the footprint of the sensing ‘lab in the sky.

The Mini-AgilePod project will essentially create a family of AgilePods, with small, medium and large sized pods to host optimized sensors and enable the pod to fit an increased number of aircraft.

AgilePod, the first physical system to be trademarked by the Air Force, is a multi-intelligence, open architecture, flight-line reconfigurable pod designed for the ISR community. Comprised of compartments ranging in length from 28 to 60 inches, the pod can be assembled in different configurations—similar in concept to Legos—to enable diverse sensor communication packages for a mission. For example, high-definition video, electro-optical and infrared sensors and radar can be deployed in a single AgilePod, eliminating the weight that might accompany multiple pieces of equipment to do the same.