Air Force Approaching Industry for Adaptive Optics in Ground-Based Space Situational Awareness

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February 25, 2019 | Originally published by Date Line: February 25 on

KIRTLAND AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. – U.S. Air Force researchers are approaching industry for new approaches in adaptive optics

for daytime and all-season ground-based remote sensing for space situational awareness.

Officials of the Space Electro-Optics Division of the Air Force Research Laboratory”s Directed-Energy Directorate at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., issued a broad agency announcement on Friday for the Technical Applications for Optical Space Situational Awareness (TAOS) project.

TAOS seeks new components and subsystems that can improve the performance, reliability, maintainability, supportability, and affordability of ground-based remote sensing for space situational awareness.

The project also seeks to enhance the performance or reduce the costs, schedule, or risks of fielding totally new technological approaches in this area.

In addition, TAOS seeks new enabling electronic and electro-optical technologies in orbital mechanics, machine learning, and advanced atmospheric turbulence characterization and forecasting for new space object observational planning tools.