Artifical Intelligence (AI)-Based Damage Predictions for Disaster Response

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January 28, 2019 | Originally published by Date Line: January 28 on

Following the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California’s history, a company is building an AI- and machine learning-based technology that aims to help firefighters, first responders and local officials better respond to fires.

One Concern, a California-based company, expects to launch Fire Concern in early 2019. Initially, it will give users a specialized map showing a fire”s location and update that information about every 15 minutes to help responders see where to deploy firefighting resources and order evacuations. Building from there, the tool would predict where fires may go and what potential steps authorities can take to mitigate the effects of fires before they occur.

Fire Concern is the company”s latest effort, following the development of Flood Concern and Seismic Concern, AI applications targeting flood and earthquake response. 

The technology assigns a unique identifier to natural and manmade elements and combines that information with data on the buildings” materials and soil properties where they are located. It adds in data on the resident population, critical infrastructure and evacuation routes along with the interdependencies of health care, power, food and shelter to evaluate near real-time impacts. After an event occurs, the system incorporates information from responders and best practices to make its predictions more accurate.

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