Boeing Achieves Significant Milestone With New Laser Weapon System

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CLWS on container

December 31, 2019 | Originally published by Date Line: December 31 on

The world’s largest aerospace company, Boeing, announced that its Compact Laser Weapon System (CLWS) recently completed a series of key demonstrations with the U.S. Air Force and Army.

The high-energy 5-kW CLWS successfully completed several demonstrations of its capabilities, validating its readiness for deployment, according to a recent company news release.

Test operators used handheld, game-style controllers to acquire, track, and disable small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in flight. With the CLWS in a fixed-site configuration on a standard shipping container, the first-time system operators successfully defeated ~30 targets.

“We received great feedback on the ease of use and maturity of the CLWS system and its seamless integration into the command and control (C2) network,” said Boeing CLWS Program Manager Kurt Sorenson. “In the past year, Boeing has demonstrated CLWS capabilities with first-time military operators at five test venues. They successfully engaged and defeated hundreds of UAVs with a very high success rate.”