CONTROP Unveils TWISTER Wide-Area Automatic Intruder Detection System

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January 16, 2017 | Originally published by Date Line: January 16 on

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd displayed its new, wide-area automatic intruder detection system at Defense Expo Korea 2016 this week.

The TWISTER is a passive IR system providing a panoramic 360-degree image and automatic moving target detection at a high rate (1Hz), according to a recent press release. Using very advanced algorithms, the TWISTER detects moving humans and moving NATO targets at several kilometers distance.

Each “detection” is saved to a “Track File” to which the operator can refer and investigate in real-time, while the system continues to operate and scan the designated area.

“The lightweight and portable TWISTER is ideal for fast deployment by mobile forces, providing force protection as well as persistent surveillance and border protection,” according to the press release. “The 360 [degree] panoramic scanning system automatically detects potential threats in real-time.”

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