Joint Battle Command Platform to Network Abrams Tanks with Force-Tracking Technology

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November 8, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: November 8 on

The Army is now expanding a new, high-speed, vehicle-mounted force tracking technology to include a wider range of combat platforms such as Stryker vehicles, Bradley and Abrams tanks, service officials said.

The system, now on Army jeeps or HMMWVs, allows soldiers in combat to instantly know their location in relation to fellow soldiers, enemy locations and surrounding terrain, service developers said.

The technology, called Joint Battle Command – Platform, has already been fielded with the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division and 10th Mountain Division. Future plans include a wider deployment across the Army with units traveling to strategically vital operational parts of the globe, Army officials said.

The force tracking system, called JBC-P, uses a high-speed satellite network to show blue and red icons on a moving digital map – letting units on-the-move know exactly where they are in a fast-moving, dynamic combat environment.

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