Marines Get Lighter Surveillance Sensor to Detect the Enemy

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August 26, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: August 26 on

A new piece of gear fielded to Marines this summer will allow troops to detect moving targets without weighing them down so much on troop movements. The Magnetic Intrusion Detector II was fielded in June, six months ahead of schedule, according to an announcement this week from Marine Corps Systems Command. The new measurement and signature intelligence sensor is half as big and one-third lighter than its predecessor, and uses about a third less energy too, officials said. Marine Corps intelligence squadrons were the first to get the new piece of gear. In addition to being lighter, the sensor has multi-directional capabilities, meaning it can detect moving objects not in its “line of sight,” according to the SYSCOM announcement. A magnetic disturbance readout also shows Marines the size of the moving target.

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