Navy Developing Counter-ISR Systems to Defeat Enemy Sensor and Communications Networks

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December 5, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: December 5 on

CHARLESTON, S.C., 10 Nov. 2016. Electronic warfare (EW) experts at Metron Inc. in Reston, Va., are developing a counter-ISR planning system to help U.S. Navy warfighters detect and defeat enemy sensor and communications networks.

Officials of the Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center Atlantic in Charleston, S.C., announced a $7.2 million contract to Metron last week for the Maritime Counter-Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C-ISR) planning system.

Metron experts will design the Maritime C-ISR system to defeat enemy ISR networks by planning for the control and coordination of U.S. and allied sensor network transceivers aboard ships, submarines, and aircraft to deceive the enemy as to the movements and forces of battle groups.

The Maritime C-ISR system also will help Navy and Marine Corps forces coordinate electronic warfare efforts to deny enemy broad access to the electromagnetic spectrum, and to frustrate enemy intelligence efforts to learn U.S. movements and intentions.