New Royal Navy Type 31 Frigate

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February 19, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: February 19 on

LONDON—The British Government sprung a surprise Nov. 23 when it launched its 2015 strategic defence and security review announcing it was to build a new class of general purpose frigates for the Royal Navy.
Now, three months later, the process of launching a concept study is underway and the Royal Navy has decided on Type 31 as the number for the warship, according to sources familiar with the naming process.
Speculation the Royal Navy would opt for Type 31 for the new warship has been around almost since the SDSR was published but sources here said the decision has now been made.
A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defence declined to confirm or deny whether the new general purpose frigate had been allocated a type number.
Replacing the Type 23 frigate starting around 2022, the 7,000 ton Type 26 was to have operated in a general purpose role as well as undertake its primary anti-submarine warfare mission.

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