Prisons Fight Drug Smuggling Drones With Drone Detection Technology

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July 25, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: July 25 on

Drugs, tobacco, rolling papers, and porn are real-life examples of contraband that were all wrapped into neatly sized packages perfect for drone transport. The drone’s destination was the prison. This type of drone contraband delivery is becoming a more common problem that prisons must face.As drones become more accessible and inexpensive, this trend has increased, prompting prison administrators to seek ways to combat the drones. The problem is that the drones are often not even spotted by guards, who do not have the technology to detect them. Spotlights, armed guards, and even cameras are proving ineffective at stopping the drone incursions. Drone operators are capable of maneuvering the drone contraband deliveries directly to cell windows, or less visible areas of the prison yard, to deliver drugs and contraband to inmates with an efficiency that amazon is still dreaming about.

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