SOFWERX Prize Challenge – Rugged Refuel Hose Storage and Deployment Solution

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February 27, 2018 | Originally published by Date Line: February 27 on

The prize challenge goal is to design a light-weight and rugged hose storage and delivery system for the Air Force Special Operations refueling teams, that is compatible with current refueling hose lengths and sizes. The refueling teams must be able to quickly dispense the fuel lines from their stored configuration for refueling operations, which will be permanently attached to the refueling cart on one end, while the other will go out to an aircraft to be refueled.

Current hose reels and storage baskets are heavy, bulky, and unreliable. The electric hose reel is often ineffective and leads to longer refueling operations.
Some sections of the hose are coupled to provide enough length to reach an aircraft. These couplers cannot be removed to accommodate a retraction system.
DC power from an electric vehicle is available, but a manual override or manual assist for retracting fuel lines is required.
The retraction for a single hose line must be done in under 2 minutes.
The storage system(s) must fit on the current vehicle (dimensions provided in the diagram).
Refuel hoses are 2″ and 3″ diameter (please see fuel line system diagram and specifications sheets below)
Provide a solution to allow Operators to easily extend/retract the hose with little effort to mitigate unnecessary fatigue and stress.