Spec Ops and the Parallax Issue for Multi-Spectral Visual System

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February 15, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: February 15 on

The U.S. Special Operations Command is developing what it calls a “multi-spectral visual system,” which involves combining visual feeds from two sources. But that also creates a problem familiar to anyone who has ever closed one eye while focusing on an object, then switched eyes: the view changes depending on which eye you”re using.
It”s known as the as the parallax effect, and the command is holding a prize challenge to find an algorithm that can correct for parallax in near real time.
With the Algorithm for Real-Time Parallax Correction challenge, the command is looking for a system that can predict what the view would be for other, offset optical sensors being combined to create one view, in order to compensate for their different positions.

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