The Threat of Small, Commercial Drones

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January 27, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: January 27 on

It”s no secret that the military is beginning to take seriously the threat that commercial unmanned aerial systems pose to personnel and military interests. One area of concern, for example, is that the proliferation of inexpensive drones could produce expendable one-way flying bombs. But while aerial drones get most of the attention, they are only one third of the threat, as ground and maritime-based unmanned systems are becoming available. From individuals to terrorist groups, the threat is metastasizing, despite the monopoly the U.S. military has maintained on unmanned technology.
“Although there is still a large gap between the capabilities of military and civilian drones, commercially available drones are giving hobbyists, companies and hostile groups access to capabilities previously only available to the military,” a new report published by the Remote Control Project, based in Britain.
The report detailed a variety of use cases and threats posed by the use of drones:

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