U.S. Army Unveils Robotics, Autonomous Systems Strategy

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November 8, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: November 8 on

The Army wants to gradually bring more autonomy, artificial intelligence and common control of unmanned systems into soldier formations over the course of 25 years, moving from having to keep constant vigilance over robotic systems to relationships where the unmanned move alongside a warfighter on a mission, much like a hunter and his bird dog.

The Army’s Capability and Integration Center (ARCIC) has unveiled a draft — circulating at the Association of the US Army”s annual show — of its robotics and autonomous systems strategy and is preparing to formalize the document imminently .

The strategy identifies five capability objectives that will guide science and technology research and development and how unmanned aircraft and unmanned ground systems are used.

The Army wants to use unmanned systems to increase situational awareness, lighten both the soldier’s physical and cognitive loads, bolster force sustainment, and help units move and maneuver on the battlefield while protecting soldiers from threats.