U.S. Space Force Gets Upgraded Satellite Communications Jammers for “Offensive” Operations

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February 11, 2020 | Originally published by Date Line: February 11 on

WASHINGTON — The U.S. military will deploy a new version of a ground-based communications jammer used to block adversaries’ satellite transmissions.

The Counter Communications System (CCS) was first introduced in 2004. An updated version, called CCS Block 10.2, has completed tests and will be ready for initial operations sometime in 2020, the Space and Missile Systems Center confirmed February 3 in a statement to SpaceNews.

The CCS is operated by the U.S. Space Force 21st Space Wing’s 4th Space Control Squadron at Peterson Air Force Base, CO.

Operators on the ground use the system to temporarily deny an adversary access to satellite-based transmissions. Over the years, the Air Force upgraded the CCS with new frequency bands and other technology refreshes. The 10.2 upgrade has more advanced software that has been developed for 5 years. L3Harris received a contract in 2014 for CCS Block 10.2