US Air Force Unveils New B-21 Bomber

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February 26, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: February 26 on

ORLANDO, Fla.—The US Air Force secretary unveiled the first official rendering of the new Long Range Strike Bomber and revealed its official designation: the B-21.

In a speech at the Air Force Association”s Air Warfare Symposium on Feb. 26, Secretary Deborah Lee James shared an artist”s concept design of the next-generation bomber, which will be built by Northrop Grumman. She also announced the plane”s long-awaited designation, calling it the B-21.

However, the Air Force still has not decided on a name for the new B-21, James said. She called on airmen to send in suggestions.

“So we have an image, we have a designation, but what we don”t yet have, we don”t yet have a name,” James said, “and this is where I”m challenging and I”m calling on every airman today … to give us your best suggestions for a name for the B-21, America”s newest bomber.”