Defense Systems Digest

11 JULY 2023

Featured Technical Inquiry

Using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) to Detect, Deny, and Impact Various U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Domains

The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) was asked to identify how UAS technologies are being used to improve maritime domain awareness and detect and deny IEDs. UASs have been recognized as a versatile platform that can pose threats in various domains to U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) personnel and government operators/agents. Two domains particularly challenged by developing UAS technologies are C-IEDs and maritime domain […]

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Voice From the Community

Nitish Mital

Research Associate, The Alan Turing Institute

Nitish Mital is a technical lead of the artificial intelligence (AI)-metaverse/SynData project in the ARCD research programme at Alan Turing Institute. He generates synthetic electro-optical/infrared imagery and 3-D scenes in gaming engines using generative AI and rough path theory for defence scenarios and reinforcement learning agent interaction for battle strategy formulation. He has previous experience in information theory and AI for wireless communications and data compression and astrodynamics simulation in gaming engines like Unity.

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Featured News

Force Design 2030: Acquisition for the Future Battlefield

QUANTICO, Va. — The 2018 National Defense Strategy warns that U.S. adversaries are actively challenging the long-standing rules-based international order, thus “creating a security environment more complex and volatile than any we have experienced in recent memory.” Building on the Pentagon’s observations, Gen. David H. Berger, then-commandant of the Marine Corps, released his seminal 2019 Commandant’s Planning Guidance in which he proposed sweeping changes aimed […]

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Recent News

New Platform IGNITEs Defense Innovation

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio (AFRL) – AFWERX has launched IGNITE, a platform where defense users can search for and easily interact with thousands of small businesses that have secured previous Department of the Air Force Small…

Be There – September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Suicide rates among military members continue to increase year after year. In 2021, research found that 30,177 active duty personnel and veterans who served in the military after 9/11 have died by suicide – compared…

Robotic Glove That “Feels” Lends a Hand to Relearn Playing Piano After a Stroke

For people who have suffered neurotrauma such as a stroke, everyday tasks can be extremely challenging because of decreased coordination and strength. These problems have spurred the development of robotic devices to help enhance their…

New Research Shows Successful Ab Initio Crystal Structure Prediction of Energetic Materials

New research by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers and collaborators from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) demonstrates that crystal structure prediction is a useful tool for studying the various ways the molecules can pack together, also…

The Synthetic Training Environment: Forging the New Frontier

FORT MOORE, Georgia — As the Army prepares for the potential of large-scale conflict with near-peer adversaries, it is rigorously examining the resources required to conduct realistic combat training and enable peak operational readiness. Among…

Ground Vehicle Interface Opens High-Performance Computing Doors for a New Set of Users

VICKSBURG, Miss.— An interface developed at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) is enabling members of the ground vehicle community to utilize high-performance computing (HPC) tools that were…

Cavalry Troopers Test New Javelin Missile System

YUMA PROVING GROUND, Ariz. — Thirty-nine Cavalry troopers from Fort Cavazos, Texas just completed training and testing on the Army’s newest anti-tank missile system. Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment (Ghost), 3rd Brigade (Grey…

DLA Warehouse Management System Deploys in Bahrain

NEW CUMBERLAND, Pa.  –   Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Bahrain is the first DLA site outside the continental United States to deploy the new warehouse management system and the first distribution center to go live a day…

Upcoming Events

FY23 JAS Program Review (JPR)

The Joint Aircraft Survivability Program Office (JASPO) will host the 2023 Joint Aircraft Survivability (JAS) Program Review (JPR) at the Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC Pacific) on 19-21 September 2023. The purpose of the review…

Hypersonic Technology & Systems Conference (HTSC)

HTSC’s emphasis is on systems and applied technology. This conference highlights the nation’s investments in systems-integrated hypersonic technologies for both research and development and weapon platform integration for offense and defense. It brings together the…

Fuze/FFC/Demil Conference & Exhibition

Colocated events:  66th Annual Fuze Conference, Future Force Capabilities Conference & Exhibition, 23rd Global Demilitarization Symposium & Exhibition. Join NDIA at the 3rd Annual Future Force Capabilities Conference and Exhibition scheduled for September 25 –…

Military Standard 810 (MIL-STD-810) Test Training (NTS Huntsville, AL)

This four-day Military Standard 810 (MIL-STD 810) test training focuses on the purpose of each test, the equipment required to perform each test, and the methodology to correctly apply the specified test environments. This class…

Fundamentals of Random Vibration and Shock Testing Training (NTS Silicon Valley, CA)

This three-day training in “Fundamentals of Random Vibration and Shock Testing” covers all the information required to plan, perform, and interpret the results of all types of dynamic testing. Some of the additional areas covered…