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4 OCTOBER 2022

DSIAC collects and publishes articles related to our technical focus areas on the web to share with the DoD community.


General Says Air Force Modernization Is Priority

U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. spoke today at the State of Defense conference on Regarding hypersonic threats from adversaries, Brown said, “We want to make sure we have not only that capability, but the capacity. There’s a balance between having a hypersonic capability, but it’s all the other…


Notable Technical Inquiry

Optimal Paths for Evading Directed-Energy Weapons

The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) was asked if there are viable pathfinder tools that can compute optimized evasion paths for friendly mobile air, ground, and sea under threat by hostile laser or radio frequency (RF), directed energy weapons (DEW) systems. The inquirer also wanted to know if there are any software algorithms that can calculate environmental effects (e.g., terrain, man-made structures, foliage, atmospheric…

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Artificial Intelligence for Weapons Systems

Hosted by: Sam Chakour

October 27, 2022 12:00 pm



Artificial Intelligence for Weapons Systems

Artificial intelligence (AI) applied to weapons systems represents a major trend in research in the past 10 years. These initiatives seek to increase weapon accuracy, perform nonactive means of targeting, aid navigation and guidance and control (e.g., in Global Positioning System-denied situations), and reduce overall computational resources vs. traditional physics-based approaches to enable intelligent targeting…


Directed Energy Symposium

The 5th annual Directed Energy Symposium will provide a forum for members of the DoD, federal government, military services, research labs, industry, and academia to discuss current and future innovations in directed energy systems to…

2022 Aircraft Survivability Symposium

The 2022 Aircraft Survivability Symposium is a SECRET//NOFORN event; attendees must hold at least a Secret clearance and be U.S. citizens. The goal of this three-day, classified symposium is to foster technical dialogue and exchange of…

Military Standard 810 (MIL-STD-810) Testing Open Course (NTS Boxborough, MA)

This four-day Military Standard-810 (MIL-STD-810) training focuses on the purpose of each test, the equipment required to perform each test, and the methodology to correctly apply the specified test environments. This class applies to ANY…

Fundamentals of Random Vibration and Shock Testing Open Course (WESTPAK, Inc., San Diego, CA)

This three-day course covers all the information required to plan, perform, and interpret the results of all types of dynamic testing. Some of the additional areas covered are fixture design, field data measurement, and interpretation,…

Voice From the Community

heashot_Knight (2)
Taylor H. Knight

Research Analyst

Taylor H. Knight is a research analyst at the Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC). She provides technical research services to answer defense-related inquiries submitted by the U.S. Department of Defense science and technology community. Prior to working for DSIAC, she worked in education for 10 years, with a focus in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

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