2020 JASP Model Users Meeting

March 10, 2020 - March 12, 2020

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The 2020 Joint Aircraft Survivability Program (JASP) Model Users Meeting (JMUM) will take place 10-12 March 2020 at Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) Conference Center, 250 14th Street NW, Atlanta, GA  30318.  The purpose of this recurring meeting is to provide model users, managers, stakeholders, and other interested individuals with information about the latest developments and updates associated with JASP-sponsored models and other models used throughout the aircraft survivability and vulnerability technical community.

Attendees will be briefed on the latest software developments, upgrades, and threat model updates in a DoD classified environment.  The meeting will consist of a plenary session of general interest topics on Day 1; followed by concurrent group breakouts for the Air-to-Air, Surface-to-Air, and Survivability/Lethality model groups on Day 2; and, if necessary, Configuration Control Board (CCB) meetings for Brawler, ESAMS, COVART, and FPM on Day 3.

JMUM attendees are encouraged to share insights and lessons-learned from the practical use of these models in their respective user group breakouts.  Refer to the agenda tab for the daily schedule.  If you are a presenter, please send your unclassified briefing to:  Alfred Yee at alfred.yee@dsiac.org and James Davis (JASPO M&S DPM) at james.davis.123@us.af.mil.  If you have classified briefing(s), please SIPR them to:  alfred.q.yee.ctr@mail.smil.mil and james.r.davis143.civ@mail.smil.mil.

Air-to-Air Engagement Group

  • BRAWLER* – Air-to-Air Combat Model
  • J-ACE – Joint Anti-Air Combat Effectiveness
  • JAAM – Joint Anti-Air Model
  • AFSIM – Advanced Framework for Simulation Integration and Modeling

Surface-to-Air Group

  • ALARM* – Advanced Low Altitude Radar Model
  • BLUEMAX* – Flight Path Generator
  • DREAM* – Directed RF Energy Assessment Model
  • ESAMS* – Enhanced Surface-to-Air Missile Simulation
  • RADGUNS* – Radar-Directed Gun System Simulation
  • ADAM – Air Defense Artillery Model
  • Amber – Ground-Based Radar Model Implemented in Matlab/Simulink
  • MOSAIC – Modeling System for Advanced Investigation of Countermeasures
  • RPGEM – Rocket-Propelled Grenade Engagement Model
  • AFSIM – Advanced Framework for Simulation Integration and Modeling

Vulnerability/Lethality Group

  • COVART* – Computation of Vulnerable Area Tool
  • FASTGEN* – Fast Shotline Generator
  • FATEPEN* – Fast Air-Target Encounter Penetration Endgame Framework
  • NGFM* – Next-Generation Fire Model
  • AJEM – Advanced Joint Effectiveness Model
  • ProjPen – Projectile Penetration Model

*Part of the JASP Model Suite

Questions should be directed to Alfred Yee, DSIAC, at 937-255-4608 or alfred.yee@dsiac.org

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