JASP Model Users Meeting (JMUM): Fast Air Target Encounter Penetration (FATEPEN) & Projectile Penetration (ProjPen)

April 8, 2021 - April 8, 2021

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JMUM 2021 (1)

The Joint Aircraft Survivability Program Office (JASPO) and DSIAC are pleased to announce registration for the 2021 JMUM is now open. Due to the ongoing U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) travel restrictions stemming from COVID-19, this year’s meeting will be divided into multiple sessions.  There will be a series of virtual unclassified presentations (see below for the tentative, unclassified schedule).  If the DoD travel ban is lifted, the classified portion of JMUM will take place at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) in Atlanta, Georgia, from August 31 to September 1, 2021.

April 8, 1200-1500 EST:  Fast Air Target Encounter Penetration (FATEPEN) & Projectile Penetration (ProjPen)

  • Current status and model release information
  • Related testing events and code enhancements
  • Future code enhancement efforts
  • FATEPEN and ProjPen development and model management roadmaps

Current plans are for the unclassified virtual JMUM series to be held via CRV TEAMS. Due to DCS limitations, we are restricting registration to 100 people.

The purpose of JMUM is to provide model users, managers, stakeholders, and other interested individuals with information about the latest developments and updates associated with JASP-sponsored models and other models used throughout the aircraft survivability (susceptibility and vulnerability) technical community.  Attendees will be briefed on the latest software developments, upgrades, and threat model updates in a DoD classified environment.

If you are interested in attending or presenting, please contact Mr. James Davis, JASPO, at 937-255-6263 or James.Davis.123@us.af.mil or Alfred Yee, DSIAC, at 937-255-4608 or alfred.yee@dsiac.org.

*NOTE:  Registration information, security clearance instructions, and the preliminary agenda for the classified portion will be available in the coming months

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