Dr. Benji Maruyama

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Air Force Research Laboratory Materials and Manufacturing Directorate

Dr. Benji Maruyama is a Principal Materials Research Engineer in the Air Force Research Laboratory, Materials & Manufacturing Directorate, RX Liaison to ACT3 and Autonomous Materials Lead for RX. Dr. Maruyama pioneered ARES™ Autonomous Research Systems for materials development, with the aim of speeding the research process by orders of magnitude. His group has built ARES™ Robots to study the synthesis and processing science of carbon nanotubes, and worked with others for chemistry and additive manufacturing ARES™ Robots. Dr. Maruyama is the primary point of contact for carbon materials for the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate. His interests include carbon nanomaterials, energy storage, field emission, and carbon, polymer and metal matrix composites. He is currently involved in the study of the origins of chiral growth for carbon nanotubes, catalyst development, and larger issues in the rate of scientific advancement.

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